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“Anne Hamilton dramaturged my play in such an exact and precise way that I was able to access her notes and complete my rewrite effortlessly. She highlighted the core of her concerns and communicated them to me so as not to destroy inspiration, but instead encourage me to do my best work; to say what I wanted to say without being told what I should say. Together we were able to build scenes and find character truths, motivations and clarity and fully develop them accordingly. Anne is probably one the best dramaturgs working in America and I could not recommend her highly enough.”

- Tina Andrews, NYC. Playwright of  the upcoming drama CHARLOTTE SOPHIA, screenwriter of the Warner Bros. film, WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE, and winner of the Writers Guild of America award, and the NAACP Image award for the CBS miniseries "Sally Hemings, An American Scandal".

 " I must tell you that I have not yet received such eye opening and detailed comments like yours. As I now proceed, I find the rewrite so smooth and easy and rewarding when I follow your precise and to the point remarks on almost each and every scene in the script. Your elaborations on scenes, dialogue and film-structure point out to me the strong points as well as the weak sides in character and action building. Your contribution to putting the script on track was highly critical, and I hope very much that when you read the finished draft you’ll see that your effort
was worthwhile. " 

Yehuda (Judd) Ne'eman, Tel Aviv, Israel. Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer.

“Talk about the right person at the right time!  Anne Hamilton provided me with line-by-line insights into my new play, FRONTING THE ORDER, which helped me bring added life to my characters and soundness to the plot.  What at first seemed perfect to me was diagnosed by Anne as in need of immediate surgery, which I performed to the betterment of the piece.  To her credit, she's like the soothing voice on your GPS:  she never scolds you for making a wrong turn, but puts you on the right route with grace and charm.”

Warren Bodow, NYC and Tucson, Arizona, USA. Warren’s play RACE MUSIC played on Theatre Row in NYC and received great reviews from The New York Times. He is the author of TWICE BLESSED, MFA, OVERMAN ON HIS WAY OUT, and is the retired President of New York Times Company radio stations WQXR and WQEW. FRONTING THE ORDER, is a five character ensemble piece which explores the ethics and practicality of using deception to gain a short term profit.

"I've worked with many dramaturgs, and most of them want to 'fix' your play. Anne wanted to take what I had written and make it better. She's very passionate."

Andrew Barrett, Los Angeles. Staff Writer, SLEEPER CELL (2006). 2005 winner, International residency
at the Royal Court in London. Author of FLESH AND BLOOD, and/or, RAINY DAYS & MONDAYS (Now published as CIRCUITRY) and the musicals THE CONFESSIONS OF JULIAN PO and IN SARAJEVO.

"I am honored and delighted to have the opportunity to recommend Anne Hamilton,
who is one of the finest dramaturgs I have ever worked with. I have known Anne for many years

and we have worked on many aspects of theater together. She is extremely intelligent, insightful,

giving, creative, warm, dependable and always, always inspiring. Anne will make a truly meaningful contribution to any project she is working on. She is a treasure."

-Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D., NYC. Award-winning playwright and author. Former playwright-in-residence at the Jewish Repertory Theater in New York City. Some of her plays include DOUBLE BLESSING, CAPPUCCINO, UNDER THE SHADE OF ONE TREE,  THREE WOMEN LEFT AT A BUS STOP, THE TEACHER HASN'T COME and WHERE PRAYERS COME TRUE.

"It is my privilege to recommend Anne Hamilton, dramaturg, to  everyone. For the past few 
Anne's insight, expertise and humanity have guided my screenwriting
 to new heights! Her perceptions into storyline and characterization have opened new
windows for me as a screenwriter. She is a willing and open-hearted mentor whom I trust
completely to direct my  writing."

-Fran Tarr, NYC. Education Director, Atlantic Theater Company, NYC.
TOGETHER, which Anne dramaturged, Finalist - Sundance Screenwriter's Institute
and Finalist - New Harmony Institute. BREAKING THE SURFACE and DECENT -
Finalists, Roy W. Dean Film & Video Grant
"Talking to Anne Hamilton is so inspiring! She helped me see all my creative gifts in a new light,and encouraged me with practical advice on how those gifts can better help me make a living as an artist. A conversation with Anne Hamilton is worth its weight in gold."

Mana Allen
, NYC. Librettist, Dramaturg, Professor, Actor.

"Anne offered me just the right degree of insight, gentle nudging, and generous affirmation
that I needed to continue work on my latest script. She helped me believe in the work
when I started doubting...and for a writer, that's crucial!"

Ivan Fuller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theatre, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD. Playwright, EATING INTO THE FABRIC, about a theatre company caught in the siege of Leningrad during WWII. This play was a semi-finalist for the 2008 Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference.

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